Added value
for our asset portfolio


Commercial real estate has always been our core business.
But we believe that beyond the bricks, innovative ideas can bring a greater scope to our projects.

Green Est. Capital actively manages their commercial property by offering additional services to their tenants. We want to offer more to our tenants than simply the shell of a shop; we are therefore counting on client experience, sustainability and the data. We focus on this in collaboration with our partners; indeed, we even invest ourselves in innovative start-ups or scale-ups.

Client experience: we make every effort to create good accessibility by eliminating physical barriers, by providing good signage, and by making available in the parking areas a sufficient number of charging points and good quality bicycle shelters.

Sustainability: we endeavour to increase sustainability by using green roofs and by installing solar panels, and even by installing batteries to store the energy generated.

Data : the provision of data concerning the customer catchment area and its passersby.

Click & Collect

We favour solutions that best integrate digital commerce and physical commerce.


We seek to optimise the entire value chain of our business.


We support every initiative that renders our property assets more sustainable.

Take a 360° view of commercial real estate
to maximize its value and development.

Another service

Property Management

We ensure the day-to-day real estate management of our commercial parks, and also of commercial parks entrusted to us.

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